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Power of Cosmic Grace

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Divine Experience

with Scientific Evidence

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Method to solve problems

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Param Rakshak

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About Us

Param ji has students from all over the world who have benefited from his teachings. There have been many books written about his teachings and techniques including 22 in English. Many audio CD’s as well as DVD's are also available of his teachings. He does not promote himself and the work to disseminate his teachings as well as this website has been done by his thankful devotees.

Charnam Sharnam Gachchhami !

P3Y is the best method in this universe to make your life healthy,wealthy peaceful & happier than present.You can also fulfill your supernatural desires by doing P3Y

Desire / Wish

Paramji, Alias His Holiness and His Invisible, Holy Power – is the Soul etc. of this Complete System.

Teaching P3Y

Do P3Y Whenever, Wherever and in whichever situation – you feel (1) Uncertain (2) Unsafe (3) Helpless (4) etc.

Great Performance

P3Y Stands and help - When maximum items fail. P3Y can be used in most of the fields of life be it social, economical, family, political, educational, spiritual, etc.

To Experiences

P3Y fulfills all your pleasant desires relating to the material world for which you make genuine efforts but don't get the desired success.


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