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Glimpse of Paramji

Blessed Self,

Hari Om “………. You want to know the personal experience of my personal Sadhana. I don’t know myself. I just find many universes in Me and My Body. I discover Myself Existing in and through and also beyond the Universe. I don’t find sufficient words to explain How and Why?”

“……… Sincerely speaking, I am the soil. The individuals are trees. The soil is one. The trees are many. Each tree receives according to its taste, texture and nature.”

“……… The bees find honey in me: the pigs excreta and the flies both-the excreta as well as the honey. Look inside and discover yourself. You will receive me according to your existence. Do Sadhana and rise above the existence, you are living.”

“……… Sincerely speaking, Mukti is noting for the Sadhaka who does Sadhana under my guidance. Believe me. The Sadhana under my guidance can make you dispenser of Mukti.”