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Divine Promise

Be my friend and I will be friend and Fan. Accept me and I will be your nearest dearest, most beloved and most loving relative. I can make you happy right now and also at the moment when your so called relatives friends and fans desert and disown you.

Make unconditional surrender to me and I will give you some thing greater than Mukti (Salvation, Liberation, Enlightment) pleasure of heaven or Mukti is noting before the state that I will give you.

If you take pleasure in becoming my host please do Sadhana under my guidance. It will give you better life and existence than you are enjoying at present. The opportunity is given. Avail or miss it the rest I leave you to decide.

First try all the means that bring prosperity, health, happiness, Peace and Bliss. When all fail, when you become hopeless in all respect – Then come to my Sharan and do Samarpan. You will receive every things. Now don’t go to Sharan of others.

“Daily Sadhana and indoor – Sat Sang is sure to elevate your family environment. Sadhana under my guidance is sure to give you all that you want. I am the solution of your life and the world you live in. Give me your life and I will give you peace, prosperity and Eternal Bliss.

Heaven may fail but my words will not fail, Each word is as true as the Sun rise in the East. My promises are infallible. Take refuge in me and you shall be saved.”