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Advait Vani

  1. Live in the Present And care for the saint of present.
  2. Live the Life of Lord Shiva and Parvati.
  3. Attend the needs of your body, mind and soul.
  4. Follow Lord Hanuman. (Be Vir – Jnani Satvik – Ananya – Bhakta.)
  5. Listen patiently and dispose off politely.
  6. Discharge your duty most efficiently
  7. Say what you can do;
    Don’t say what you can do;
  8. Earn, spend and enjoy righteously.
  9. Spare one to thirty percent of your net income for the righteous work.
  10. Know the individual by his deed;
    Not by his speech.
    Stand by the righteous, assist and be united.
    Discourage and expose the unrighteous.
    Offer yourself and get salvation.
    Believe in Me and you shall be saved.





Ten Adeshas for Grihasthas

Think positively. Use everything positively. Never misuse anything. Kam, Krodha, Lobha and Moha (Passion, Anger, Greed and Attachment) are not bad in themselves. Be the Master and uses them positively. There proper use will make you gay and happy. Always use your brain, power, money, time and all that you have to promote the good. Do Krtan and Dhyan in the evening. Sleep by 10 p.m. If it is possible, meet your consort only once a month. Do Sadhana, you will go beyond passion in time. Be Sadhaka and live the life of God Shiva and Parvati.